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WOD NameAssigned DateWOD TypeScoring Typesort ascending
Angie 09-09-2013Mon, 09/09/2013BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Barbara 02-03-2014Mon, 02/03/2014BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Chelsea 11-15-2013Fri, 11/15/2013BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Cindy 07-29-2013Mon, 07/29/2013BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Elizabeth 07-22-2013Mon, 07/22/2013BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Helen 10-23-2013Wed, 10/23/2013BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Isabel 05-13-2014Tue, 05/13/2014BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Jackie 06-26-2014Thu, 06/26/2014BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Karen 03-05-2014Wed, 03/05/2014BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Mary 07-29-2013Mon, 07/29/2013BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Nancy 05-30-2014Fri, 05/30/2014BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Kelly 04-15-2013Mon, 04/15/2013BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Lynne 01-18-2013Fri, 01/18/2013BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Murph 05-27-2013Mon, 05/27/2013BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Nate 05-30-2014Fri, 05/30/2014BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
020209Wed, 12/31/1969User-definedNo Scoring Type
Burpee This!Wed, 12/31/1969User-definedNo Scoring Type
The Chief 03-10-2014Mon, 03/10/2014BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Rubber RunWed, 12/31/1969User-definedNo Scoring Type
CleanerWed, 12/31/1969User-definedNo Scoring Type