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WOD Namesort descendingAssigned DateWOD TypeScoring Type
5 More Please 05-25-2010Tue, 05/25/2010User-definedNo Scoring Type
5 plus!Thu, 12/19/2013User-definedNo Scoring Type
5 Rep Max BackSquatWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightRounds
5 Rep Max Bench PressWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightRounds
5 Rep Max JerkWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
5 Rep Max PressWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightTime
5 Rep Max PressThu, 04/26/2012User-definedWeight
5 Rep Max Squat CleanWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
5 Rep Max Thruster 06-26-2014Thu, 06/26/2014BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
50 Smash BallsWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
50-50Mon, 06/06/2011User-definedTime
50-50Fri, 06/15/2012User-definedReps
500m RowWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
500m Row - 06-19-2018Tue, 06/19/2018CompetitorTime
500m Row - 08-02-2017Wed, 08/02/2017Custom BenchmarkTime
501 Jeans 09-15-2014Mon, 09/15/2014WODWeight
54 Card PickupSat, 01/14/2012User-definedTime
54 Card PickupSat, 10/10/2009User-definedReps
54 Card PickupSat, 05/12/2012User-definedNo Scoring Type
54 Card PickupSat, 01/29/2011User-definedRounds