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WOD NameAssigned DateWOD TypeScoring Typesort descending
Up the LadderTue, 11/15/2011User-definedReps
Wall Balls??Thu, 12/08/2011User-definedReps
Dead WeightTue, 12/20/2011User-definedReps
Egg NogMon, 12/26/2011User-definedReps
Tabata MoreTue, 12/27/2011User-definedReps
Back SlapMon, 01/02/2012User-definedReps
Fight Gone Bad TwistedTue, 01/03/2012User-definedReps
Team JusticeSat, 01/07/2012User-definedReps
DumbRunMon, 01/30/2012User-definedReps
Opens WOD 12.1Thu, 02/23/2012User-definedReps
Wobble LegsWed, 02/29/2012User-definedReps
JerksTue, 03/06/2012User-definedReps
Birthday MileWed, 03/07/2012User-definedReps
Make A FaceMon, 03/12/2012User-definedReps
M&M BirthDayFri, 03/23/2012User-definedReps
ZimmermanMon, 03/26/2012User-definedReps
Opens 12.5Sat, 03/24/2012User-definedReps
Dont Lose ItWed, 04/04/2012User-definedReps
Rest RestTue, 04/10/2012User-definedReps
Triplet HellWed, 04/25/2012User-definedReps