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WOD NameAssigned Datesort descendingWOD TypeScoring Type
Monday 051809Mon, 05/18/2009User-definedNo Scoring Type
HP GymnasticsTue, 05/19/2009User-definedNo Scoring Type
CFS 06-04-2009Thu, 06/04/2009User-definedNo Scoring Type
CFSFri, 06/05/2009User-definedNo Scoring Type
CFSFri, 06/05/2009User-definedNo Scoring Type
CFSSat, 06/06/2009User-definedTime
White Trash TruckerSat, 06/13/2009User-definedTime
CFS ReversedFri, 06/19/2009User-definedTime
CFS 06-20-2009Sat, 06/20/2009User-definedWeight
CFS 06-22-2009Mon, 06/22/2009User-definedReps
CFS 06-23-2009Tue, 06/23/2009User-definedReps
CFS strength 06-24-2009Wed, 06/24/2009User-definedTime
CFS 06-24-2009Wed, 06/24/2009User-definedTime
CFS CongoSat, 06/27/2009User-definedNo Scoring Type
CFS Football Hero - Kalsu 06-29-2009Mon, 06/29/2009User-definedNo Scoring Type
Strength- Power Cleans 07-01-2009Wed, 07/01/2009User-definedNo Scoring Type
Benji Come Home 07-03-2009Fri, 07/03/2009User-definedTime
Lindas SisterMon, 07/06/2009User-definedTime
CFS 07-07-2009Tue, 07/07/2009User-definedNo Scoring Type
Strength Press PP PJWed, 07/08/2009User-definedNo Scoring Type