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WOD NameAssigned Datesort ascendingWOD TypeScoring Type
CF Endurance - Undercover at Arbor HillsWed, 12/31/1969User-definedTime
Max C2B PullupsWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightTime
Max Reps HSPUWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
5 Rep Max Squat CleanWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
5 Rep Max JerkWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightNo Scoring Type
Max Reps Knees to ElbowWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightTime
Max Reps Double UnderWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightReps
1K RowWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightTime
5 Rep Max BackSquatWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightRounds
Max BurpeesWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightTime
Max Rope AscentsWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightTime
5 Rep Max Bench PressWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightRounds
Max Seconds L-SitWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightTime
3 Rep Max Front SquatWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightWeight
Max rep Clapping PushupWed, 12/31/1969User-definedTime
Max Reps Box JumpsWed, 12/31/1969BodyWeightTime
CF Endurance - Whistle While You WorkWed, 12/31/1969User-definedRounds
CF Endurance - 1 Minute IntervalsWed, 12/31/1969User-definedReps
a Figure 8 Kind of BirthdayWed, 12/31/1969User-definedTime
Annies Side KickWed, 12/31/1969User-definedRounds