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Why should I sign up for the Open?

Have you found yourself lately thinking "What is this thing called the 'Open' that everyone is talking about?! Why do the coaches keep encouraging members to sign up?"

The Open is an annual online worldwide CrossFit competition that anyone can participate in over 5 weeks in February and March. Whether you’ve been doing CrossFit for a week or 10 years you can sign up and compete in the Open. Whether you are finally figuring out the difference between a clean & jerk and thruster or you are hoping to string together muscle ups in an Open WOD you can be a part of the Open.

Is your equipment holding you back?

We show up to the gym and take five minutes before the class starts to slip on our gloves/gymnast straps, knee sleeves, lifting shoes and wrist wraps. Then we warm up and workout. Sound familiar? As competitive beings we are all guilty of loading up on whatever equipment we believe will improve our workout times and provide any aid during a tough workout. Countless dollars are spent on equipment that is designed to help us out, but could this equipment actually be holding us back?


Here are some types of equipment that may be doing more bad than good:


Why I CrossFit

I honestly am relatively new to CrossFit and I wasn’t too sure about it before I started. I’ve always dealt with injuries while wrestling (which was my love for 20 years) and with the stigma that can be placed on CrossFit I was certain I would hurt myself beyond repair. The funny thing is through this experience I have become stronger, resolved some issues and have learned so much more about mobility and taking care of my body, not to mention added immensely to my knowledge of how the body moves and correct form to exercises I had never performed in the past.

Why I CrossFit

“CrossFit sucks. Don’t try it. You’ll get hurt.” Those are the kinds of things you usually hear about it before you even get a chance to see what it is for yourself. I listened to those rumors for a while but eventually decided to see what it was all about. I figured, I was in shape and would probably just cruise through their workouts either way. I was in for a treat.

Why CrossFit

Why do I CrossFit? The answer is very simple—It’s FUN!

Never in my wildest dreams ten yeas ago would I have guessed that at age 30 I would be an athlete, working at gym and competing in a sport. If you had asked me then what sports I played I would have said “none” and what I wanted to be doing when I was 30 the answer would have been “Advertising Executive.”