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Strong Barbell Club

We are excited to announce that Strong Barbell Club is starting Monday 11/21/2016.  Our Saturday 11/19 Snatch Workshop is sold out, but you can still attend the Q&A @ approximately 10:30AM.  

Our team has worked to create a program that gives you flexibility, great programming, hands-on coaching, and community. It is up to you to do the work and earn those PR's. We look forward to using SBC as a framework to build and  expand the program. Here are few details and how it is structured:

Rest - An Objective Approach

We have all heard that rest days are how our bodies recovery, repair and rebuild our bodies. I want to talk to you about a different kind of rest. The kind of rest that takes place in middle of that Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, High Intensity workout. You should be able to picture it.  You are in the middle of your workout. You have your hookgrip, but the bar isn't moving and you aren't even holding the bar. You have a hookgrip on your shorts or special lululemon pants and you are bent over wondering why the guy next to you is taking all your oxygen!

How Can Fish Oil Improve Recovery?

We have all heard that fish oil is good for us, but most of us do not fully understand its importance in exercise recovery.  Yes, exercise is good and we should all be doing it, but we also need to remember that our bodies need help in recovering from it. This is where Omega-3 fish oil comes into play.

What is Omega-3 Fish oil?

Ready for a gut check?

Its no secret that exercise is an important part of this health game we’re all playing, that’s why we’re here and participate.  It is only part of the complexity that makes for a healthy person. The depth of the health and wellness field continues to grow as we interpret new information and understand how it interconnects. One topics that’s getting more attention is gut health. For the most part, we know it’s important, but why?? What is it that we’re actually talking about? And why does it matter to you?

Does Coach Hate Me?

If you know a little about me, you may recall my first experience with CrossFit. It was here at CrossFit Strong and it was definitely interesting. It not only became the reason I love CrossFit but also began my love and understanding of coaching CrossFit.

The workout that day was Fran and although I had done thrusters and pull-ups at 24, I definitely did not know what to expect. As soon as the workout began, I was immediately getting cues from a coach named Gale.

Stonebridge Ranch Triathlon

Looking to complete a sprint or olympic distance triathlon this fall? We can help you get there! Held in McKinney, TX on September 25, the Stonebridge Ranch event offers both distances, a shorter "super-sprint", and relay options for those of you who'd like to make it a team effort. Not sure about your swimming or biking abilities? No problem! If enough people sign up, we'll schedule group workouts specifically geared around these events.

Why I Crossfit

                I vividly remember the first time I walked into Crossfit Strong. All I saw as we first stepped in the door was a mostly empty warehouse with a few ropes hanging from the ceiling, a pull-up rig, and a whole lot of free weights (this was over 6 years ago). There wasn’t a single treadmill, elliptical, or weight machine in sight. I turned to my friend who had brought me and immediately asked him if we could leave. I was truly terrified.

Are you at your best and achieving your "dreams"? Sleep plays a vital role

As adults life can become pretty crazy and complex between work, relationships, kids, family, errands and to just trying to make time for yourself to unwind (what’s that?). A common important part of our lives can suffer: our sleep! You hear the common phrase I’ll sleep when I’m dead but lacking sleep can be extremely detrimental.