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It is with great honor that I am able to present to you the current status of Strong and the direction WE are going over the next five years. Ok, enough of that. I can not tell you how excited I am to write this update and strategic direction letter.

As many of you know, CrossFit Strong started in my garage in Addison. We were kicked out by my neighbors and home owners assoc. It was the best thing to ever happen.  Here we are 8 years later embedded in the DFW community serving our friends and families to achieve their fitness goals and turning health and wellness into a lifestyle; but more importantly, we are making and building meaningful relationships.  Weddings, babies, dating, professional connections; make no mistake CrossFit Strong is a free am-uh-lee and melting pot of diversity of people, dreams, and goals

I have looked at our operations for the last few years, listened to our members, and considered the goals of Strong to plot our course over the next few years. During the development of our strategic plan, the core of all decisions and programs were always that your goals and needs must be met. It did not matter how diverse or different. We are are going to redefine the marketplace and you will always be the center of it.  Be assured that no matter what, our genuine desire to help you reach your goals will always be there." This is a lot of change but we are the same - just growing to help even more people and grow our community.

I want to share with you our mission statement / mantra / battle cry that will guide and influence every decision from our programs, to coaching hires, to bathroom supplies (poo pouri/squatty potty).

Care | Educate | Inspire - These are the pillars upon which everything else is built.

Care - Our members can find steel barbells, rubber plates, and other equipment at almost any fitness facility; but what they will not find is a team that genuinely cares about them and their goals.

Educate - We are here to educate our members and ourselves. Our doors will be open to the entire community to create a center of excellence to learn and contribute, Strong will be an environment that other trainers, coaches and friends will want to be a part of to be educated and receive top level training.  The standard of excellence demanded of each of us will have no limits.

Inspire - Anyone can say a bunch of words that are designed to inspire. This letter is full of words that are meaningless without action, conviction, and trust.  Our actions in our personal life, conviction in our training and work,  and the trust developed in our relationships will inspire each other and our fam-uh-lead a healthier lifestyle.

Strong Fitness & Performance Center

Our fam-uh-lee in 2017 will see a lot of exciting  additions to the programs offered. The include regularly programmed workshops, coaching hires, nutrition, Strong advising, facility layout, to pricing. Be assured that no matter what, our genuine desire to help you reach your goals will always be there. We are going to start by changing our name. CrossFit Strong is now Strong Fitness & Performance Center (SFPC) or like we all say, STRONG.  We are still a CrossFit affiliate and extremely proud of that fact, it is merely dropping from our name because it is only a portion of what we do. 

Strong Advisor Program

Strong will introduce our new Strong Advisors Program to all existing and new members. As part of the Strong program, you will be assigned an advisor who will be your personal consultant, guide,  & mentor to achieve your goals through our programs and services. You will be receiving regular phone calls, e-mails, and reviews from your advisor to get a check-up on your "journey" with us. This will allow us to make any corrections or changes to your training if needed.

Our new pricing model will be very simple. No Contract. Your choice. You can decide which program you want to be a part of or even choose multiple programs. You will also be able to switch  programs at any time with the guidance of your advisor. 


Our New & Upgraded Programs are already running or will be running within the 1st quarter.  Don't freak out on me, you don't have to change anything you are doing now.  I will line item them so that you can see how Strong will become the DFW's epicenter of knowledge and fitness.  We plan to roll out over the next few weeks more details on each, but reach out if you have any specific questions.

CrossFit - Our L1 & L2 classes have a proven track record to provide the best program for the beginner athlete to the most advanced. Our attention to detail in every aspect of your training will ensure that you realize all the benefits that CrossFit has to offer.

24 x 7 Olympic Lifting (Coming 1st Quarter 2017) - Climate controlled, platforms, racks, premium barbells & plates for those athletes looking to specifically train Olympic lifts or just supplement with of one our other programs.  Did I mention you get 24 hour a day and 7 days a week access for training?  We will release more details soon about coaching, rates, and logistics. If you are interested and want to be updated e-mail

Strength - You ever hear of Westside Barbell or someone by the name of Louie Simmons? Well, if you want to get strong they know how to do it. We are excited to have our Strength Director, Abi Dickerson, lead the charge. This is not your typical strength program. Have you ever heard of a belt squat machine, bamboo bar, cambered bar, or bow bar? If not, you need to sign up, and reach those true gains. The conjugate method of strength training is one of the most effective programs in the industry to reach your goals of picking things up and putting them down, heavy things that is.

Fitness - (Coming 1st Quarter 2017) - This is our hybrid model of spin bikes, non motorized treadmills, plyometrics, TRX and all around cardio focused fun. It is for those athletes looking to tone up or change up the same ole boring routine. In our newly renovated air conditioned room and best trainers in Dallas Fort Worth, you will reach your goals with our team.  Stayed Tuned for more details and the plethora of options that comes with this program.

Competitor - So you want to get to the next level? We will be offering a competitor program that will focus on one thing, attack your weaknesses to compete in the Sport of CrossFit. If you are thinking you may need a little more attention, we have that for you. Our collaborative Competitive Coaching Team will tailor our Strong Competitor program to your training goals and weakness. As the sport of fitness is continuing to grow, we realize there are some individuals that need completely customized training programs. We will assess those on a case by case basis.

Endurance  - You want to run longer or faster, swim, bike or just add an aerobic base for your sport of choice. Our program will be tailored to your goals with effective programming and coaching that is design to test and build even the most advanced athletes.

Coaching Development - Our pillar of education is internally and externally focused. We require our coaches to pass and possess some of the highest standards in the area and continually provide development for them. 

In 2017, we are opening our development program to the world.  If you are a trainer or gym owner, we invite you to enroll in our program to develop your coaches, audit your training program, and review your business processes. We will provide assistance with any facet of your fitness business from staff development, programming, nutrition classes, and business white boarding.  

You want to combine your gym with the Strong Brand, let's talk. Our goal is to positively impact as many people as possible. We rule nothing out. gale @

Nutrition - The basis of any good fitness program is based and founded upon the fundamentals of your nutrition. All our programs and Strong Advising starts with your nutritional choices and how to create a healthy lifestyle. There is no one nutritional regime that is superior to any other and we do not claim to have the one thing or only answer, but we do have the experience and knowledge to design and give nutritional guidance that helps you achieve your personal goals and have a positive influence on your health markers in the long term which is our primary goal for you. We want you to live a long healthy life.

Gymnastics - We are not talking the sport of gymnastics, but we are talking about how you move and control your body in space. This is what the sport of gymnastics is about with some extra really cool things like a ring muscle-up, handstand walking, pull-ups, and general body control. We want to help you achieve that through our gymnastic workshops and extra programming.

Personal Training - Pick any of our trainers and have them to give you some one on one time to work on a specific skill, movement, or fine tune your training. We are here to ensure your goals are met. Are you a trainer and want to be a part of the Strong Center of Excellence? We have a program that allows you to use our facility to train your clients with the support and infrastructure that makes Strong Great.

Sport Specific Training - To be a truly great team all your athletes needs to possess Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Cardiovascular Endurance, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy and you are only as strong as your weakest link. Our team can train you in groups, individually, or at your location with your existing programs; leverage the expertise of trainers from a diverse background of achievements and accolades.

Things to expect this first quarter:

  • We are partnering with one of nations coolest supplier and designer of fitness facilities to start outfitting our entire facility throughout 2017.
  • Complete upgrade and overhaul of our locker rooms
  • Front Desk Check-In
  • 24x7 Access to Olympic Lifting
  • Strong Fitness room that is bigger than most studios
  • Raining outside? Let's put the turf to use inside.
  • Strength machines, barbells, chains, bands, platforms. Everything a growing athlete needs to be happy.
  • Squatty Potties - Yep, you heard it right here.
  • Virtuosity Performance Shop will stay
  • Upgrade apparel that is a lifestyle brand
  • Existing Members are grandfathered into their rates but not secondary programs and are from here on out called Strong "Original"
  • New Domain - - the old still works, take it from me.
  • The same great coaching.

I have not begun to scratch the surface with Strong Fitness and Performance Center offerings, but this would not be remotely possible without the support and hard work of our staff. I want to give them a big ole' shout out.

Kim Wilson - Operations Director
Justin Murphy - Head Programs Director & Nutrition Director 
Leah Laferney - Fitness Director
Gabe Chavarro - CrossFit, Gymnastic, & Retail Director
Mary Kelly - Onboard & Sport Specific Director
Abi Grove - Strength, Olympic, Coaching Development Director
Arianne Rea - Aerobic Capacity Director
Charlie Nguyen - Coaching Staff
Neal Staab - Coaching Staff
Traci Wilson - Coaching Staff
Taylor Foster - Coaching Staff
Gia Yocom - Gym Dog

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Tue, 02/14/2017 - 10:55

Very exciting Gale!  Lots of great improvements and new programs coming to Strong in 2017!