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Naughty or Nice. Give a gift. Get a lift.

Naughty or Nice. Give a gift. Get a lift.

This holiday season CrossFit Strong is excited to announce that we are partnering with Children's Hospital of Plano as our philanthropy. We are using the as a framework to support this partnership. Naughty or Nice is a worldwide service project with one goal, serve those in our local community.

Become a better runner

Has anyone ever taught you how to run? Probably not. Usually as amateur runners who enjoy an occasional long Saturday morning run, we put in our headphones, put foot to the pavement and pay no attention to our form while out on the trail.

Pose running is a technique that will help you increase speed, reduce injury and move more efficiently. There are three key positions involved: Pose, Fall, Pull.

Why should I sign up for the Open?

Have you found yourself lately thinking "What is this thing called the 'Open' that everyone is talking about?! Why do the coaches keep encouraging members to sign up?"

The Open is an annual online worldwide CrossFit competition that anyone can participate in over 5 weeks in February and March. Whether you’ve been doing CrossFit for a week or 10 years you can sign up and compete in the Open. Whether you are finally figuring out the difference between a clean & jerk and thruster or you are hoping to string together muscle ups in an Open WOD you can be a part of the Open.

Why CrossFit

Why do I CrossFit? The answer is very simple—It’s FUN!

Never in my wildest dreams ten yeas ago would I have guessed that at age 30 I would be an athlete, working at gym and competing in a sport. If you had asked me then what sports I played I would have said “none” and what I wanted to be doing when I was 30 the answer would have been “Advertising Executive.”

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