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Sugar WOD

Hey Strong peeps! If you haven't heard the announcement in class, we are moving our programming over to SugarWOD!

This is a great app that allows you to track your times and see how all your friends are doing in WODs!

You can also track how much you lifted on strength days and not worry about remembering all those weights!

Also, you can comment on people's workouts and give everyone some encouragement. 

Go download the app on your phone and make Crossfit Strong your "home gym" so you can view our workouts at 6:45pm the night before.

Are you truly healthy?

Are you truly healthy?

While most of us would read this question and think “well I exercise regularly and eat relatively healthy so I must be!”, but do you actually know what it means to be healthy? There is actually more to this than barbells, dumbbells, and protein shakes.

Importance Of Rest Days

Where is your rest muscle and how do you train it? Most of the time people think that working out in the gym every day is the best thing they can do for their health, is this right, is it wrong, does it really make a difference? Well yes, it does! When you look at CrossFit or any sport/training program you can break it down into a triangle and each side of this triangle is very important for our performance in and out of the gym.

A Little Bit About Myself

I am originally from San Antonio, TX. When I was younger I played baseball, soccer, and basketball, but I pretty much hated all three. The one sport I actually wanted to play was football, but my parents didn't want me to play for fear of me getting injured. After I asked over and over again with the answer being “no” every time I just forged my mom's signature and joined the team at school. So in 7th grade I finally got to play football and lacrosse and at that point my love for fitness began!

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