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State of Strong

Care | Educate | Inspire - These are the pillars upon which everything else is built.

Care - Our fam-uh-lee can find steel barbells, rubber plates, and other equipment at almost any fitness facility; but what they will not find is a team that genuinely cares about them and their goals.

Educate - We are here to educate our fam-uh-lee and ourselves. Our doors will be open to the entire community to create a center of excellence to learn and contribute, Strong will be an environment that other trainers, coaches and friends will want to be a part of to be educated and receive top level training.  The standard of excellence demanded of each of us will have no limits.

Inspire - Anyone can say a bunch of words that are designed to inspire. This letter is full of words that are meaningless without action, conviction, and trust.  Our actions in our personal life, conviction in our training and work,  and the trust developed in our relationships will inspire each other and our fam-uh-lead a healthier lifestyle.

Strong Barbell Club

We are excited to announce that Strong Barbell Club is starting Monday 11/21/2016.  Our Saturday 11/19 Snatch Workshop is sold out, but you can still attend the Q&A @ approximately 10:30AM.  

Our team has worked to create a program that gives you flexibility, great programming, hands-on coaching, and community. It is up to you to do the work and earn those PR's. We look forward to using SBC as a framework to build and  expand the program. Here are few details and how it is structured:

Rest - An Objective Approach

We have all heard that rest days are how our bodies recovery, repair and rebuild our bodies. I want to talk to you about a different kind of rest. The kind of rest that takes place in middle of that Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, High Intensity workout. You should be able to picture it.  You are in the middle of your workout. You have your hookgrip, but the bar isn't moving and you aren't even holding the bar. You have a hookgrip on your shorts or special lululemon pants and you are bent over wondering why the guy next to you is taking all your oxygen!

Functional Tolerance

I know each of us have different reasons we exercise: to stay healthy, look better, compete, burn off stress. The list goes on and on and they are all byproducts of working out and doing CrossFit. Another byproduct is Functional Tolerance.

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