Why CrossFit

Why do I CrossFit? The answer is very simple—It’s FUN!

Never in my wildest dreams ten yeas ago would I have guessed that at age 30 I would be an athlete, working at gym and competing in a sport. If you had asked me then what sports I played I would have said “none” and what I wanted to be doing when I was 30 the answer would have been “Advertising Executive.”

Growing up I never participated in sports, I struggled to get my athletic credits in high school, and college was the same—I’m not sure if sports didn’t interest me or maybe I never received the message “anyone can do it.”

In my early adulthood, as with many people, I spent my workouts zoning out on the elliptical or treadmill hoping to rack up as many calories as I could on the display. I ran a couple 5K races with friends and then decided to run a half marathon in April of 2010.

I trained on my own without a program, and when race day came I met my goal of finishing the race without walking. After the race was over a feeling of overwhelming joy because of my accomplishment came over me, the experience was so rewarding that I didn’t want that feeling to end. It just so happens that at that same race CrossFit Strong had a group running as well. I had tried a CrossFit WOD before in October 2009 at another local “box” and had visited the CrossFit Strong website several times, but I was too scared to come to a class. At the race I briefly met a couple of CrossFit Strong members who were running the race who encouraged me to come try it and then a week later I worked up the courage to try it out.

From day one at CrossFit Strong everything except for running was a brand new activity for me. I had never done anything like it before in my life. I loved learning the new skills and remember googling all the acronyms in the WOD to find out what they meant and watching YouTube videos over and over again to figure out how to do a power snatch. Over time I found my self at work wishing I was at the gym, taking time off to compete at competitions and eventually I decided that I loved CrossFit more than my office job so I left it to become a coach.

Learning new skills, perfecting those skills, meeting new people, creating long lasting friendships and coaching is so much fun and more rewarding than I ever thought possible.

Still to this day, getting a PR, learning something new, pushing through a tough workout and that feeling of accomplishment afterwards is rewarding and fun for me.  

As a coach now, it’s even better seeing people enjoy doing something that maybe once scared them, little things like learning to do a box jump or climb a rope.

New members walk in now to CrossFit Strong and think I’ve always been this way. They don’t believe me when I say I started with the bar too, I didn’t know how to do double-unders either (its took me 2 years to master them!), and I still struggle during tough workouts (especially those with burpees!).

At the end of a class, a workout, or a competition all that matters is if you had some fun and got a little bit healthier (physically and mentally) doing it. In my opinion, if you’re not having fun then you’re doing something wrong.



Matt Cook
Matt Cook Matt Cook's picture
Fri, 10/16/2015 - 16:19

This is incomplete. There's no story as to how you developed the ability to "encourage" us at such high decibels and for sustained periods during classes. ;-)

MikeB MikeB's picture
Mon, 10/19/2015 - 20:27

Good blog Kim! Your energy towards Crossfit is contagious!  You always have a smile on your face and push me to do more, which I appreciate very much!

fyi - (don't know if I would consider tomorrow's 4x800 repeats fun - but I will be there!)   .