Using Your Fitness... Outside The Gym.

Now that everyone has recovered from the dreaded “food coma” on Thursday and have had the leftover pecan pie for breakfast today, lets try and get back on track and talk about using your fitness!
There's a lot of stuff going on in your everyday life right about now, you're dealing with the holidays and everything that comes with them. We have traveling, family, cooking, preparing, and shopping all while you're still expected to keep up with that thing we do during the week... work. Talk about being stressed to the max, as the awesome individuals you all are, you're also going to fit in that hour of fitness, but what if you can't? Do you automatically just decide “oh well” or do you actually decide to put your fitness to use? Today that's what we'll talk about.

I know the big holidays only hit once a year, but we've all been on a time crunch before and trying to get that one hour class feels next to impossible. I'm going to try and give you some ideas so you can avoid the “Sitting on the couch as long as possible” WOD.

CrossFit: Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. That middle one should stick out, FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS, the core movements in LIFE. We do these things inside the gym to be able to use our bodies where? That's right, OUTSIDE the gym. That means if you can't make it to the gym it's ok because you've been prepping to be outside of it! Go for a dreaded 3 letter word (RUN), or check out a park during a jog. Oh and guess what? That game of family touch football absolutely counts! It could even be something as simple as walking the dog, or you could join that softball league. Sure it's great that you come in and crush it day after day in the gym, but you know what feels even better... going out and showing off that fitness!

Sometimes we get so caught up in CrossFit that we think just because we didn't go to the gym and get a WOD in, we didn't get a “real” workout. Guess what... you're wrong. I'm lucky that my apartment has a sand volleyball court and we use it regularly during the summer, trust me, moving my big self in the sand is a damn good workout! I've met up with friends and gone running on mountain bike trails or one of my favorites, going to Top Golf and hitting golf balls for an hour or so. Sure I'm not hitting PR's or getting muscle ups, but I'm doing more than the guy who decided “Since I can't go to the gym there's nothing I can do”.

I hope this helps encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy the body that you all work so hard to improve and push to the limit. Now go drag the family/friends out for a walk then after a couple of mins pick up the pace on them a little.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Next up, Christmas. Let's survive the holidays together and STRONG.