Tips On Keeping Those Resolutions

There is something about the new year that makes us want to better ourselves, or as they say, “New year, New me.” Many of us see this as a time to start over or to start fresh.

Did you know that about 92% of New Year’s Resolutions fail? That means that only 8% of those who make New Year’s resolutions are actually successful. How can you be apart of that successful 8%?

Changing your behavior is not something that is easy for the majority of us. It is important to know that the chances of you sticking to your New Year’s Resolution are not high, UNLESS you set a specific plan on how you are going to implement it. A few tips on setting yourself up for success are to keep your resolution specific, be realistic, write down your goals, get support, and track your progress.


Be specific:

    Keeping your goals specific allows for a higher probability of you actually accomplishing them. Making a goal such as “lose weight” or “run more” are extremely broad. Instead, making a goal to lose a specific amount of pounds per month in order to meet an end goal is much easier to follow through with. When it comes to “running more,” you can set more specific goals for yourself such as, “I want to run a half marathon this year.” From there you can set in place the steps needed to successfully run that half marathon.

Be realistic:

Setting realistic goals helps set ourselves up for success instead of failure. For example, if we say we want to lose 100 pounds in 3 months, that goal is not something that is likely to happen. Therefore, you have already set yourself up for failure before you have even started. Making monthly goals of 5-10 pounds of weight loss is a much more realistic goal. In turn, meeting these achievable goals gives you a boost of confidence and reinforces the fact that you are on the right track. Meeting your goals encourages you to keep going, while not meeting those goals can discourage you all together.

Write down your goals:

    Writing down your goals is essential to being successful in your New Year’s resolution. This also allows you to come back to your goals every now and then and update them if things have changed or just to remind yourself of what you wanted to accomplish at the beginning of the year.

Get support:

    Getting support by friends and family is important because now you have accountability. You are more likely to follow through with your resolution once you have told someone about your goal. I have even seen people blast their resolutions on social media, because then you have hundreds of people who now know what your goals are. Another great way to find success is to find a group or another individual who is striving to accomplish the same goal. This allows you to work together to meet that goal, while keeping someone else accountable too.

Track your progress:

    Tracking your progress allows you to actually see where you are improving or where you may not be. This visual can give a lot of insight into what you are doing correctly and what you may need to change.


One last thing to remember is that we are all human. It is in our nature to slip up and make mistakes at times. Often we see people give up after they lose track of their goal. Forgiving yourself during these slip ups and starting back on track after is imperative to your success.

If better nutrition is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, I highly recommend you join the “Cut the Crap” Nutrition Challenge that is starting on January 9th. Doing a challenge as part of a group is going to give you the accountability and support that you need to follow through with the 30 day challenge. If you are still on the fence about whether or not to join or you know you want to join, you can attend the seminar on January 7th to see what it is all about. Hope to see you all there, and good luck on your upcoming goals!