Strong Strength

Strong Strength Program

Redundant name? Yes. But can you ever be too strong? NO! Well the true answer to that depends on your goal. The goal of this program is to make an individual’s one repetition maxes go up as well as to make a barbell in a CrossFit wod seem light. Not if, but when we get you stronger, the barbell will stay in your hands longer causing your times to go down and you get more fit. So whether you are a CrossFitter who realizes that “strength” is your “weakness” or you realize that push pull and press just makes you happy this program is for you.

The program will consist of 4 week cycles with 4 days of programming a week. There will be 2 lower body days and 2 upper body days. Every day will have a “main event”. In this program you will have varying intents to each day. The intended stimulus could be maximal effort days in which you are trying to set a record of some sort. This could be a one rep max, a complex, or a variation of a movement you know and love. The other flavor will be a Dynamic Effort day in which the intent is to move fast and on a timer. These days are great for perfecting technique, building capacity as well as speed strength.

Each session will give no more than 90 min of work. However main event and primary accessory work is meant to be able to be accomplished in about an hour. What is left over can create a secondary session if you have the desire and means to do so. You will notice that this program is based of off 20% classic barbell movement and 80% special exercises. This compliments the CrossFit methodology to a T. Just say you wanted to get your Fran time down, you wouldn’t go and do fran every day or even every monday until you either accomplish your goal or die trying. You come in and do what your coach tells you to, you do the workout of the day knowing that after a period of time Fran will come up again and the training will have pushed you to your goal of getting more fit and it will show in a PR Fran time. If you want to get stronger it does us no good to just do the same thing every day or even every monday. Instead we do constantly varied functional movements at high intensity; we target your weak positions and lagging muscle groups through special exercises and accessory work and when the test comes up our training yields a PR!