Strong Barbell Club

We are excited to announce that Strong Barbell Club is starting Monday 11/21/2016.  Our Saturday 11/19 Snatch Workshop is sold out, but you can still attend the Q&A @ approximately 10:30AM.  

Our team has worked to create a program that gives you flexibility, great programming, hands-on coaching, and community. It is up to you to do the work and earn those PR's. We look forward to using SBC as a framework to build and  expand the program. Here are few details and how it is structured:

How to Get Started:
We highly recommend starting with our workshops as they will lead into the next 4 weeks of programming. You don't have to attend a workshop in order to start the program, but it allows our coaches to assess and guide you over the next 4 week Cycle.  

How Does it Work:
We will provide 4 days programming Every Sunday. You can complete the work on your own at Strong during open gym, class, or at home. We will meet as a group 1x per week, possibly on Saturday, to get hands-on coaching, focus work, guidance for the next week. 

How much does it cost:
Workshop and 4 weeks of programming is $30.00 and each subsequent 4 weeks of programming is $20.00.  You need to have an unlimited membership with Strong.

Who is coaching:
Justin Murphy will be leading the program. We also have some guest coaches that are planning to drop-in on our hands-on classes. We will be following programming of 2x Olympian Chad Vaughn. Chad has done an incredible job creating a program that focuses on soft tissue work, positions, recovery and of course the Olympic Lifts

Where to sign up:
Please just e-mail to add it to your account. If you are a brand new member, it will be an option to add with your new membership.

What to Expect:
This is just our 1st phase of implementation, we are excited to expand and grow this service with more class times, more personal programming, more equipment, more access. If you are reading this, we are going to have open gym times on Sunday starting in December. (Just making sure you read the whole thing).