NEW Olympic Lifting Class

Exciting news, Strong crew! We are adding Olympic Lifting classes to our regular class schedule in February and the coaching team is packed full of valuable knowledge and experience.


  • Caleb Ward - Former Junior American Record Holder in the clean and jerk, Former Junior National Champion, 2x Junior World Team Member, Multiple time Medalist at the American Open
  • Nicole Esposito - Current 55kg lifter, National Qualifier and 10th place finish (5th in Snatch) at 2017 National Championships
  • Wyatt Quintero - Current 96kg lifter, American Open Qualifier with a top 15 finisher


1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays of the month - 9AM Technique Class 10AM Group Training
2nd & 4th Sundays of the month - 12PM Technique Class 1PM Group Training



1) Technique class is 1 hour class focusing on technique drills and identifying technique weaknesses. Each week we will choose 1 lift: the snatch, the clean, or the jerk and we will break the lift down to the basics and then implement the movement with weight. The class will be hands on coaching and will allow for feedback from all 3 coaches. The focus of this class is for all ranges of lifters from beginners to experienced who want to learn the lifts, or want to gain or more technical understanding of performing the movements. This class helps build confidence and knowledge, and lifters will leave feeling more prepared to do the movement in the future. 


2) Group Training is for anyone who has prior lifting experience, or anyone that has attended the technique classes. It will follow the technique class immediately and there will be an optional workout provided that will incorporate the lift from that days technique class. Anyone following their own programming can perform their workout during this time. It is not required to attend the technique class to attend group training if a lifter has prior experience, but an athlete with no experience should attend a few technique classes before doing group training because the coaching will be less hands on. This portion of the “class” is meant to create camaraderie and generate a positive lifting atmosphere. It is often said that in weightlifting, you learn from watching other people. So the coaches will participate in this session, as well, offer feedback to those training at the time.


Classes start Sunday February 10!

Strong All Access Members are encouraged to attend!