Let Me Introduce Myself

I am originally from Edmonds, a seaside town in the state of Washington. I played very rec-league, bunch ball soccer as a kiddo. My performance was fueled and bribed with ice cream and I never starved. Finding CrossFit in 2007, attending my first CrossFit Level 1 Seminar in 2008 and then getting on CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff in 2009, I started competing for health and sport instead of treats.

I ran a CrossFit/ lifting gym in Lynnwood, Washington under my first true mentor: CF HQ seminar staff member Jesse Ward. Like many good things in life it all started with a friendly shove in the right direction. As Jesse developed me as a CrossFit coach he also pushed me in the direction of the strength sports. He signed me up for all sorts of things: powerlifting competitions, strongman, highland games and olympic weightlifting. My first weightlifting meet I had an American Gladiators Nitro singlet. I had no idea how or when to warm up and I bumped my opening attempts by 10 kilos right before the meet just to try and fit in. I walked onto the platform and was floored that a real live Olympian was judging my lifts. I left my opener out in front by a mile. Somehow I qualified at that meet for Nationals.

At that point I knew I loved CrossFit but the experience sealed my infatuation with the strength sports. In 2012 I moved to Columbus, Ohio to train at Westside Barbell, the strongest gym in the world. The owner and mastermind behind this place, Louie Simmons, is someone who radically changed my life and I owe him everything.

As he developed me as a lifter I watched and learned as he shaped and rehabbed athletes in all sports from all over the world. He taught me so much in the time I lived there, yet I know I only scratched the surface of the magic that happens within Louie’s brain. Being able to call myself a Westsider is probably the greatest accomplishment of my life athletically, but it’s meaning comes from what I learned not from anything I did. My best competition I squatted 450# Benched 330# and Pulled 410# as a 132# lifter earning my Pro Card in the multiply division. Awww, the good old days!

I then moved to Texas for a gym and a boy, like a bad country song. I ended up meeting the love of my life, married him and Texas is now officially home! I like to say that I traded strength for love and there isn’t one minute that I’ve regretted the decision.

Since leaving Westside I have had a lot of fun helping other people, be they CrossFitters, powerlifters, weightlifters, athletes or soccer moms, implementing what I have learned over the last decade. I have helped run gyms, consulted with programs and done remote programming for all sorts of athletes.

While I still enjoy competing in Olympic weightlifting, coaching is my passion. I have had so many extraordinary people invest themselves in my life and in my skill set as a coach that it is impossible to not be passionate about reinvesting in others. I find the members and staff at Strong Fitness and Performance Center to be extraordinary. One thing I have learned is, if you want extraordinary results you have to have extraordinary people. I am looking forward to seeing those results in our members.


BryanWatson BryanWatson's picture
Fri, 12/23/2016 - 19:34

who can barely fathom those lift amounts?!?! Unreal . Teach me thy ways...