Does Coach Hate Me?

If you know a little about me, you may recall my first experience with CrossFit. It was here at CrossFit Strong and it was definitely interesting. It not only became the reason I love CrossFit but also began my love and understanding of coaching CrossFit.

The workout that day was Fran and although I had done thrusters and pull-ups at 24, I definitely did not know what to expect. As soon as the workout began, I was immediately getting cues from a coach named Gale.

Although I had done Thrusters and Pull-Ups, I hadn’t been doing them as well as I thought. I was getting cues to get me to extend my arms all the way at the top of the thruster, lock my arms out at the bottom of the pull-up and I can’t forget about the cues to get me to squat lower on my thruster.

The cues kept coming and halfway through the workout I began to consider that this Gale guy who was coaching probably didn’t like me. He kept coming back and correcting me. I could have sworn he had it out for me but as soon as the workout was over he was the first coach to come by and high five me.

That’s when I had my “Aha!” moment. He didn’t hate me at all. He just really cared and wanted to see me move better. All those cues and staying on me during the workout were only to make me better.  This was a valuable lesson for me and if you made it this far into the post, maybe it can help you too.

For example, if we are making you squat lower or extend at the bottom of a pull up, it’s because that’s what life demands of us. It takes our joints through their full end range of motion to promote healthy connective tissue around them.

The cues and the reasons behind them can go on forever. Just know that they all serve a purpose and are always focused on keeping you safe and or making you better. So next time you are getting cued by a coach, remember this little blog post. Know that we are doing it because we care an want to see you improve… Not because we hate you ;)