Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

TRX suspension training was developed by a Navy Seal named, Randy Hetrick, with the question of, “How can we stay mission-fit while on deployment.” This type of training was used as a portable tool that uses your bodyweight plus gravity to achieve a total body workout. The straps used during suspension training are not only portable, but also extremely durable. They are made from a high quality nylon and have the ability to hold up to 1400 lbs! TRX training is an extremely efficient way of building balance, strength, and core stability all at the same time. There are a number of other benefits to using TRX training as a tool in your workout regimen.

Hundreds of Movements:
One of the best things about suspension training is that there are literally hundreds of movements that can be performed. It is easy to switch between movements that isolate specific muscle groups to movements that truly challenge the entire body. The constant variety of movements ensures that individual never get bored while training with TRX bands.

Full Body Workout:
One of the biggest benefits of TRX training is that it allows you to get a full body workout with a single piece of equipment. Talk about cost savvy and efficient! This type of training is especially effective due to the change in center of gravity that occurs during movement of your body. No matter the movement, you are forced to engage your core to perform the exercise. Many people believe that the core include only the abs. In reality your core includes many more muscle groups such as the pelvic floor, obliques, glutes, abs, lats, back, and so much more! In some cases, TRX training has been proven to help prevent injuries due to the functionality of the movements which stabilize the core. Why wouldn’t you want to be as efficient as possible in your training?

Challenging for all Fitness Levels:
TRX training has been used by the military, professional athletes, and group trainers for years. This type of training can be used during strength and aerobic training. It is one of the most versatile methods of training since it can be used for all fitness levels. Elite athletes and individuals battling injuries use TRX training as a way to build their balance, strength, and core stability. The ability to easily modify any movement allows individuals to rehab their injuries in a controlled and safe environment. Easily modifiable movements also make this type of training great for any demographic. A movement can quickly be made easier or more difficult simply by adjusting the individual’s foot placement or changing the angle of the body.

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