Benefits of TrueForm Training vs Standard Treadmills

Benefits of TrueForm Training vs Standard Treadmills

One of the most beneficial aspects of a TrueForm treadmill is muscle recruitment. Conventional treadmills do not require that you use your entire leg to do the running, since there is no need to push back. However, the TrueForm requires that you also engage your hamstrings and calves more so due to the fact that you are having to press the belt back and keep it moving. This style of mechanism helps train you for outside running as well. You are now having to generate the force unlike the conventional treadmill, where it moves itself for you.

The TrueForm is also great for acceleration training, interval training, and is easy to transition during HIIT training since there are no buttons you have to use to accelerate or decelerate the machine. Training acceleration and deceleration is essential is proper running mechanics, and is not something that is not easily done on conventional treadmills.

Another wonderful aspect of the TrueForm is that it teaches runners a more natural running style by forcing them to run on the balls of their feet. This helps teach proper posture, balance, and speed training. You are forced to keep your core tight in order to maintain an upright position. This later translates over into your running form on and off the TrueForm.

There is also less stress on the body when using a TrueForm compared to a conventional treadmill. The belt is made of rubber and is made to absorb the shock impact that occurs on your joints during running. In fact, the track is so efficient at absorbing impact that it has been noted that 80% less pressure is being absorbed by your joints. That is phenomenal statistic when dealing with injury and for preventing injury.

Come try it out for yourself if you don’t believe us! We promise it will leave you feeling gassed yet so very accomplished!