Become a better runner

Has anyone ever taught you how to run? Probably not. Usually as amateur runners who enjoy an occasional long Saturday morning run, we put in our headphones, put foot to the pavement and pay no attention to our form while out on the trail.

Pose running is a technique that will help you increase speed, reduce injury and move more efficiently. There are three key positions involved: Pose, Fall, Pull.

Pose position is also known as “figure four.” Standing on one leg with weight in the ball of your foot, slight bend in the knee, and the other leg is lifted and bent with foot under hip. This position appears to looks like a figure 4 from a side view.

In the fall to move yourself forward we use gravity to our advantage. Lean shoulder over hips and simply fall forward. Although this may sound like a simple idea, in practice it is hard to teach our bodies to trust the movement instead of the natural instinct to break the fall, aka “heel strike.”

The pull is the final step that brings you back to your original position, pose or figure 4. Pull the support foot from the group into pose position. The pull should be quick and using your hamstring to initiate the movement.

Like with any other skill, pose running must be practiced with drills and conscious effort to achieve good form. Here’s a few tips and drills for you to try before your next “fun run”. Try them out, your ankles, calves and hips will thank you.

Tips and ideas:

  • Run barefoot
  • Use a digital metronome for cadence
  • Run quietly, reduce the sound when your foot touch the ground