Are you truly healthy?

Are you truly healthy?

While most of us would read this question and think “well I exercise regularly and eat relatively healthy so I must be!”, but do you actually know what it means to be healthy? There is actually more to this than barbells, dumbbells, and protein shakes.

Marriam-Webster defines HEALTH as: The condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit.
Let that sink in... nothing about clean PR's or having a six pack. While those things are great and something we may have as a personal goal, they don't actually directly contribute to being healthy.
There are actually 6 components of health and wellness and I'm going to briefly cover all six and leave it up to you to see if you are truly healthy. So here we go...

1: PHYSICAL- This obvious part of this one is being physically active, eating healthy foods, and maintaining a healthy body weight. This one also includes avoiding drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, and being free of sickness and disease.

2: SOCIAL- Social health is huge when it comes to us as people. Maintaining healthy relationships with those around us, family, friends, co workers, etc... This also includes making new connections and reaching out to others. Social bonds are key in our way of life and can directly effect how we feel as individuals.

3: ENVIRONMENTAL- This doesn’t necessarily mean pollution and/or your stance on certain environmental issues, it really is more focused on you as an individual. Keeping the area around you clean and uplifting. Some people like to have everything in perfect order in their house and that's what makes them happy, some can't stand leaving without making their bed, then there are those who like having an “organized mess”. This is what makes them feel comfortable in their own environment, everyone should have that one spot that they control and that they feel comfortable in. This could be home, work space, car, kitchen, living room, etc..

4: EMOTIONAL- There is so much out there in this world we live in today that can have an impact on you, but how you handle it is very important to your health. Are you one to stress over things that are completely out of your control? Are you someone who is a little too care free? This is also how you express your emotions, don't be destructive to yourself or those around you. Sometimes it's hard and you yourself are your worst critic most of the time. I'm sure at least once in your lifetime you've stressed yourself out so much you actually got sick or at least felt “off”, that's a direct effect of your emotional health.

5: SPIRITIAL- This is not a religious battle or who does or doesn’t go to church or believe what you believe. It is about YOU believing that you have purpose in life and being a part of something bigger than yourself. This is standing by your morals, values, and ethics and holding true to yourself, but realizing not everyone may be living by those same morals, values, and ethics which does not make them wrong.

6: MENTAL/INTELLECTUAL- Recognizing reality and being able to cope with everyday life. Seeking knowledge and self improvement within your field or even trying to learn something new every day. This could be as simple as learning a new word every day or as complex as learning a new field of study or language. The point is to use the most complex part of the human body, your brain, and to keep it healthy. This is also related to self esteem and keeping positive, obviously this related to emotional health.

I hope this was interesting to you all and I will leave you with one question,
Are you truly healthy?


Galeyocom Galeyocom's picture
Sun, 10/29/2017 - 22:52

Good read. 

MonicaSalinas MonicaSalinas's picture
Wed, 11/01/2017 - 20:08

Enjoyed reading this! Thank you for the reminder! I can honestly say, that I am HEALTHY! :-)