2018 - Strong In-House Competition

In House Comp

Oct 27th 8am-11am

Teams of 2 (Male/Male or Female/Female)

RX and SCALED division

$30 entire fee per team 

Possible Fame & Fortune Included but not guaranteed

T-Shirt and a really good goodie bag included

We would like to invite each of our members to participate in our annual In house competition. This will be a morning of fun and fitness with friends. No matter your skill level or how fit you think you are, you can do this competition! Please let a coach know if you are in need of a partner, we will do our best to find you a fitness buddy!  Follow-Us Social for hints and workout requirements. 

How to Sign Up:

Deadline to get Goody Bag and T-Shirt is 10/18/18...but don't put it off...let's do this!


Each members account will be charged via the store invoicing done monthly.