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When to Accessorize and When to Lift Naked

I get a lot of questions about what gear CrossFitters should use. Belts, shoes, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, thumb nubs, headbands, chestee-dos, sling shots, voodoo dolls, nanos, hipster socks you name it, Crossfitters buy it. And let’s be honest it’s FUN to accessorize. But before you got goat taping yourself to a wall let’s talk some useful tips for the common items in a gear bag.


Having balance in life sounds great and is arguably a healthy concept; physiologically, mentally, relationally, athletically, achieving balance seems to be how we achieve the state of “optimal” in life. When we find balance we find the best in ourselves, in our performance and relationships.

This sounds great on paper.

The only problem is that I have only met one perfectly symmetrical person in my entire life; that was Steve Pool the weather man. And we all know that people THAT perfect are just annoying.

Strong Strength

Strong Strength Program

Redundant name? Yes. But can you ever be too strong? NO! Well the true answer to that depends on your goal. The goal of this program is to make an individual’s one repetition maxes go up as well as to make a barbell in a CrossFit wod seem light. Not if, but when we get you stronger, the barbell will stay in your hands longer causing your times to go down and you get more fit. So whether you are a CrossFitter who realizes that “strength” is your “weakness” or you realize that push pull and press just makes you happy this program is for you.

Let Me Introduce Myself

I am originally from Edmonds, a seaside town in the state of Washington. I played very rec-league, bunch ball soccer as a kiddo. My performance was fueled and bribed with ice cream and I never starved. Finding CrossFit in 2007, attending my first CrossFit Level 1 Seminar in 2008 and then getting on CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff in 2009, I started competing for health and sport instead of treats.

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